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date: 03.03.2024

Estimate residual capacity calculation combination forklift and attachment

forklift data
* required
attachment data

Note: Capacity retracted can be higher than capacity extended. Extend unit only with 'capacity combined extended' applied maximum.

Important notice

This calculation is an estimate only.
The capacity is calculated at ground level only. A binding residual capacity calculation as well as the verification of stability for the combination of attachment and forklift can only be provided by the forklift manufacturer.

The capacity and ISO class of the forklift need to match that of the attachment.
No liabilities are accepted for typos, technical modifications and errors.
Subject to modifications and errors, including images. All electronic duplication only with our written permission.

Please make an request based on your calculation detailing your needs if required and attach your calculation.

Send the request to the responsible contact person in the sales department (field service or back office) or to